You will need to select your desired workshop from the list. You will then need to choose the project you want to create from the Select Your Project section. If adding custom order information, please ensure that all information that you provide is accurate. Your stencil will be provided as you order it. Paint and Plank will not be held responsible for any errors that are made based on the information given. If there is an error that we made, we are on it! We will get it fixed for you. 

Cancellation Policy

Project orders are non refundable. If you cancel your registration at least 72 hours in advance of the workshop, you will be granted a full credit for a future workshop. The credit is valid for 1 year from the date of the cancelled workshop and is non transferable to another participant.

Project Change Requests

If you would like to modify your order within 72 hours of your workshop, we can do that! There will be a $10 fee to create the new stencil. If you change your mind before the 72 hour mark, no problem! Send us an email and we will make the change for you. 

Age of our Participants

All participants over the age of 6 are allowed to participate in our workshops. However, due to the nature of the tools and supplies involved, a parent must accompany a child age 6-12. Ages 12-17 can attend with either a parent or permission to attend. Some of our events are adults only and will be published as such. 

If parents are participating, children are not permitted to attend as spectators. This is for the safety of all involved and can also have an affect on the space available in the facility. 

Safety Waiver

I understand that I will be exposed to and / or use hammers, mallets, nails, sand paper, staplers, sanders, power tools and paint during these workshops. I agree to be responsible for any damages to the tools provided, equipment or facilities used, to the extent and in the percentage I cause such damages. I recognize there may be certain inherent risks in participating in Paint and Plank workshops. I agree to observe all policies, recommendations, directions, warning and rules of Paint and Plank and the facilities in which workshops are held. These may be verbal or in writing. I assume full responsibility for personal injury to myself and my belongings. 

I further agree to release and discharge Paint and Plank,  Paint and Plank representatives  and all host facilities for any and all injury, loss or damage that may arise from my participation in these workshops; whether caused by me, Paint and Plank, the host facility, or any third party. I agree to indemnify and defend Paint and Plank, their representatives and facility hosts against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgements costs or expenses including reasonable attorney fees and other litigation costs which may arise from my participation in Paint and Plank workshops and host facilities. 

If I, the participant, is under the age of legal consent, these policies have been reviewed and acknowledged by a parent or guardian of legal age. 

I have read the policies and safety waiver and understand them. I further understand that by checking the "accept policies" box, I voluntarily surrender certain legal rights that I might otherwise have.